Tom Thompson, VT Volant VP/GM is interviewed by NPR

Tom Thompson, VT Volant VP/GM is interviewed by NPR

VT Volant Aerospace VP/GM Tom Thompson, was interviewed by in a report that focused on the economic growth in Skagit County, particularly in the field of manufacturing.   In the beginning of 2018 VT Volant’s headcount was at 85 employees. Now in February of 2019, it’s at 104 and that number is expected to grow by another 25-30 employees by the end of the facial year.  They arbitrate this growth to an impressive sales backlog of over $6 Million dollars, a number that is also expected to grow.

Customers are demanding more than we can put out right now, which is a wonderful problem to have. – Tom Thompson

With a healthy two year forecast and work already secured, we are excited to see what the future holds for this Skagit County employer.  If you are a candidate who’s looking for a future in the manufacturing or aerospace industry, we recommend checking out their new website which was also launched this February.

To hear more from NPR related to this interview please click on the following link:



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