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We create turnkey solutions provider for commercial aircraft interiors, with capabilities to support most all narrow and wide-body commercial aircraft types.

Volant offers cabin reconfiguration support services, testing and certification with affiliate FAA ODA, EASA DOA and CAAS DOA authorizations.

We have invested heavily in building a team of professionals, supported by modern equipment to go above and beyond our legacy of repair facility, and establish ourselves as an interior solutions provider for the newer generations of aircraft currently flying.

Over 117 PMA parts for both major OEMs have been created and continue to build a catalog of interiors to support cabin modifications with a primary focus on the non-contestant sections where OEM material is scarce.

Volant Interiors is eager to partner with you for build-to-print or custom parts design projects. We have dedicated program managers who thoughtfully represent our customers expectations within our organization to ensure that your expectations are being met, and your schedules and budgets maintained.